Why You Need To Shift Your Facebook Store Into A Dedicated Business Website

importance of website

A Facebook store also called a Facebook Shop is a page that allows you to reach out to a wide array of customers online and sell your products or services, that too without any cost!

Facebook Shop is a platform housing more than 50 million small and medium business pages. Many small businesses today rely on Facebook Shop to drive leads and maximize profit. It is swiftly becoming a major online business strategy.

But is it enough to have a Facebook store for your business purpose? Is it reasonable to avoid having a dedicated website for your business? Here is a brief about both of them and various factors that can help you decide better.

facebook store vs business website


WEBSITE Owning a dedicated business website gives you full control over your entire media brand. You also get the freedom of managing it on your own terms and conditions.

FACEBOOK– Facebook is a third party website. You have to follow the Company’s terms, rules & regulation. These are also subject to revision continually. Additionally, there is always a risk that your account can be deleted or suspended.


WEBSITE A business website allows you to sell ad space & do sponsorship advertisement which can significantly aid in generating more revenue. You can set your own prices and manage ad inventory.

FACEBOOKA Facebook page doesn’t provide you with the advantage of selling ad space, so the opportunity for generating revenue is not available. However, setting up the page is relatively easier and cheaper than a website.


WEBSITE- With a business website, you can keep your statistics secret. No one but only you can track all the information like the number of page views, hits or unique visitors.

FACEBOOK-   A Facebook Shop page is visible to everyone, including your competitors who can see information like your fan-base, comments and the like. When such data is freely available, it significantly aids your competitor on many levels. It is also possible that the competitor can indulge in mal-practices to trick you into thinking that you have a higher fan base resulting in false data and bad decision making at your end. It also exposes your business strategy.

importance of business website


WEBSITE- You can design your website according to your media outlet, branding goals and facilitate a unique user experience that can become a successful mascot of your brand. You can also update it anytime to suit your business goals better.

FACEBOOK- If you have a Facebook page, you can only add your logo. You have a minor advantage as you are free to decide how information should appear on the page. You can also get to know about any update but only after it starts showing up on your Facebook page.


WEBSITE- A dedicated website provides a significant advantage that is higher visibility on Google search. This enables you to manage your content, use keywords and phrases that your potential customers may be looking for on Google search. It brings more user behavioral data to improvise on your Google visibility.

FACEBOOK- It’s true you can find a Facebook page via a search in Google but it doesn’t provide you same advantages and SEO control as that of a website. However, Facebook Store facilitates user interaction and engagement.

importance of website


WEBSITE- A website acts as the main hub of your business on the web where interested and potential customers come and see all the information relevant to their interests and needs. It also exposes them to other services and products which you are offering. A website significantly raises your authenticity quotient.

FACEBOOK- Useful information about your business is not readily available on the page. You may have your phone number, address, and even a help page. Many users would want to find little more about who you are & what your goal is.


WEBSITE- In today’s digital world almost everyone is present on the internet, giving you the opportunity to interact with a wider range of people and sell your product or services.

FACEBOOK- The number of Facebook users is 2.27 billion around the world, whereas, the total number of internet users are around 4 billion. So, that clearly limits your reach.

convert facebook store to business website


You can use Facebook Store or any other social media store for business and sack up your items in their store. And when it’s free, it might look tempting at first. But what if they close down one day? You will have no right to complain. Remember, you are a user of that platform, not a shareholder or owner. They are not liable to provide an answer. Eventually, you are going to lose a large number of customers and can be out of business over-night.

In fact, you can use social media to drive all traffic to your website. You can then keep the list of customers and leads to communicate with them when required.

It sounds more logical to invest in something of your own than to build a business on someone else’s platform. That is why we highly recommend to every business owner to invest in a website, which ensures a robust digital presence you need to grow your business online.

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