UBER Like On Demand Fitness App
You don’t have to go to the gym to stay fit, You just need your bodyweight and a few minutes in your day. Now chose the workout thats best for you.
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On-Demand Fitness App Business Model
We provide custom made app design that suits the best for your On-Demand Fitness App business model.
For Instructor
They can teach the users the best art of how to be healthy with the best diet and exercise plans.
For Users
A platform where users can get the best fitness routines and be the best version of themselves.
Why choose us ?
Work in progress report
Users can track their progress by updating their weight and inches.
Seamless payment options
Instructors gets paid securely from the customers via various payment options.
We can help you with personalizing the experience of your customer with your brand's logo and images.
On Demand App Features
Secure Registration
New users can easily sign up and can generate a password to login securely into their account.
Personal Details
Users can add their personal details in their info like age, height and weight.
Fitness Program
There are different level of Fitness Programs for the users like beginner, intermediate or advanced.
Users can take subscription for the fitness program and for the meal plan accordingly.
Instant Notification
Users will recieve the notification according to their selected time schedule for workouts.
Payment Option
Users have various payment options according to the selected plan.
Give your on Demand Fitness App a tremendous look.
On Demand Fitness User App
A complete Uber like on demand Fitness system.
Select Fitness plan
User can select the fitness plan according to their level of activity and accordingly they can increase their level of workout.
Subscription Scheme
After the free version the user can have a customized diet and workout plan with a subscription according to their choice of time period.
Chat Support
User can have one-on-one chat or audio call with the instructor for any query regading their diet or workout plan.
On Demand Fitness Instructor Apps
A complete Uber like on demand fitness system.
Instructor can easily register with their details like their degree and work experience.
Instant Notification
Instructor gets the notification instantly when they are assigned to any user.
Manage application
Instructor can add the workouts and diet charts according to the User’s requirements.
Seamless Payment Options
Instructors recieve the payments instantly according to the plan a user opt for.

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