For an internet business to succeed it needs visitors, and the right way to get well targeted audience is to be high in the natural search engine rankings. Sun Web is run by people with vast experience in SEO websites and knows how to get your site to rank at the top for the search phrases that really matter to you.

To rank really well every site needs to be fundamentally good enough in terms of design and development. That means having a good layout, content, understandable navigation system are the most important aspects that you need to be perfect on your website. We can help you optimise your website.

Getting visitors is fine but if they don't come back then what's the point. We advise our clients as to how they can convert their web traffic into customers.

The web is going social… People share information via social networking sites like Facebook or follow each other via Twitter. We help you to stay in close contact with your customers and potential customers and use these forums to keep up to date with trends and moods in your marketplace.

Call us today and find out how we can help your business to succeed.

Our SEO plans include:

SEO ON-Page Activities  Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Complete website and Competitors Analysis tick tick tick tick
Keywords Research tick tick tick tick
Final Keywords 10 20 50 100
SEO Strategy Analysis tick tick tick tick
Initial Ranking Report tick tick tick tick
Website URL Structure Optimization cross cross cross tick
Image/Alt Tag Optimization cross tick tick tick
Meta Tags Creation and Optimization tick tick tick tick
Internal Linking /Title Tag Optimization cross cross tick tick
Sitemap.xml  tick tick tick tick
Google-analytic code creation and insertion  tick tick tick tick
Robot.txt cross cross cross tick
Page Loading and monitoring  cross cross cross tick
301 Permanent Redirection cross cross cross tick
Sitemap.xml  creation for Yahoo, MSN cross cross tick tick
RSS feed creation cross cross cross tick
W3C Validation cross cross cross tick
Content Analysis cross cross cross tick
Google Cache Check cross cross tick tick
Textual Content Optimization cross cross tick tick
# of Search Engines 1 1 1 3
SEO Off-Page Activities  # of  Submissions # of  Submissions # of  Submissions # of  Submissions
Search Engine Submissions 3 10 50 100
Web Directory Submissions 1500 2500 3500 5000
Social Bookmarking 500 700 900 1000
Article Sumissions (Article Provided by client) 800 1000 1500 2000
Forum Posting cross 200 350 500
Classified Ad Submissions 250 500 550 600
Comment Posting on Popular Blogs cross 350 450 550
Descriptive Url's Submissions cross cross 20 50
Press Release Submissions (Content By client) 200 400 450 550
Rss Feed Submissions cross cross cross 50
Video Submissions  (Video Provided by the client) cross cross 5 20
Link Wheeling  cross 10 50 100
Blog Submissions (Assuming Blog feature is available on the site) cross cross 100 150
Local marketing websites submissions cross cross 5 20
Social Networking and community Advertising (Orkut, Facebook, Twitter) cross cross 3 10
Total # of Submissions 3,253 5,670 7,933 10,700
Monthly Report        
Monthly Keywords Position on Search Engines Report  tick tick tick tick
Alexa Traffic Report tick tick tick tick
Back-links Report tick tick tick tick
Page Rank Report tick tick tick tick
Google Ananlytics Report (PDF Files) tick tick tick tick
Email / Chat Customer Support tick tick tick tick